One Time Commitment Fee - 100 Men

Thank you for your interest in 100 Men!

This is a one-time fee that you pay when you first join 100 Men. This donation goes into a 100 Men Endowment Fund that will be used to support charities in our region in perpetuity!

There will be four meetings this year, which means four opportunities to support local charities! Please click here to make the quarterly donations, or click the Events tab on this page.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: This year we are accepting sponsorships from members, and the community, so that we can "up our game" in terms of the quality of our events. This is something that most of our members have requested.

Sponsoring an online event will be $250 and live events will be $500. If you are interested in sponsoring a meeting and supporting the development of 100 Men please click here.

Date 12/31/2022
Name Price
One Time Commitment 100.00